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DepthSense Sensors

Our patented DepthSense 3D Imaging Time-of-Flight CMOS sensor is smart enough to understand the most subtle of everyday human gestures and the shape, size and behavior of objects. It measures how long it takes for infrared light to make the trip from the camera and back – the time of flight – and gives the 3D DepthSense camera power to turn raw data into real time, 3D images, as well as greyscale confidence and depth map images.

Texas Instruments and Melexis manufacture and sell our DepthSense 3D Imaging Time-of-Flight CMOS sensor.



The MLX75023 sensor, featuring SoftKinetic technology and manufactured in Melexis’ automotive-grade CMOS mixed signal process, is the highest resolution 3D sensor available for automobile safety and infotainment markets. It works in full sunlight, making it the perfect solution for a vehicle’s cockpit. It can be used for natural 3D gesture recognition and robust driver monitoring, bringing a new level of infotainment navigation control and safety features.

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