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SoftKinetic DepthSense® products are the only time-of-flight sensors and human tracking libraries certified for the automotive market. They provide exceptional resilience to sunlight, heat, vibration, and false positive readings.

We’re working on our next generation sensors and tracking libraries to create more intelligent cars and ultimately, a completely autonomous driving solution. Already, our technology improves the driving experience of motorists.


In-vehicle infotainment control (in production)

  • Accurate hand and pose tracking
  • Robust gesture detection
  • Static poses & dynamic gestures
  • Roof or mid-console camera position

Next-gen infotainment control

  • Hands-on wheel micro gestures
  • HUD perspective correction (parallax) based on the position of the driver’s head

In-car comfort

  • Biometric recognition
  • Seat and mirror adjustment
  • Audio beam formation for voice recognition
  • Belt detection related to people, not objects

Driver monitoring

  • Interior safety checks for drowsiness and distraction, airbag and belt tension adjustment, child security locks

External safety

  • Detection of pedestrians, obstacles, nearby cars, bicycles and other hazards
  • Automatic door/trunk release on collision
  • Autonomous parking
  • Autonomous driving

Find out more about the MLX75023 sensor and DepthSense Car Library (CARlib).

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