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User Experiences

Our world-class user experience (UX) team is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to interact with the digital world through 3D vision, gesture control, and context awareness. They work at the leading edge of an evolving technology to create engaging and immersive experiences. They’re also keen to inspire developers to do the same, with practical demonstrations of all the amazing capabilities of depth technology. Whenever we think we’ve got something cool to share with you, you’ll find it here.

Depth and gesture recognition kit for VR. This kit enables you to naturally interact with objects in VR using your actual hands. It’s intuitive and provides a sense of spatial awareness for your position in VR.If you have an Oculus Rift DK1 or DK2 and access to a 3D printer, you can easily start building your own demos with the items below:

Please visit for more info about our ReachVR program.

Magic Shadow Theater. Chinese shadows are fantastic, even more so when they are digitally enhanced. Our computer vision master geek got inspired by the wonderful “Shadow Monsters” from interaction designer Philip Worthington. Using a 3D camera, he originally created Magic Shadow Theater to impress his son. Now it’s your turn to share it with family and friends.

Add 3D interaction to your app. Antoine Rennuit, Technical Product Owner at SoftKinetic, made this bridge in his spare time to make it easy for people who create, make or adapt things to play around with 3D cameras. This neat piece of software is free to download, easy to set up and enables you to create meaningful user experiences using natural hand gestures. Get it NOW.


Full-body gesture recognition gaming action. What happens when you combine a DepthSense camera with the NVIDIA Shield? “An amazing, console-like gesture experience” according to NVIDIA. Watch the video and download iisu for Android.


Control almost anything with full-body or hand gestures. Keyboard, mouse or joystick are no longer required to control applications (including your Arduino!). You can easily control them with natural full-body or hand gestures. This can be done using Device Emulator, a neat open source piece of software. Get it NOW.


Hand controlled puppets. Turn your old socks into puppets using a 3D camera. Our puppet “Mr Sock” is fun to make and does not require any programming. See Mr Sock in action and build your own.


An action reality application to test your firing skills. Pinch and grab the catapult, pull back and aim using iisu close interaction technology. Launch projectiles, detonate exploding barrels, and destroy the castle. Download


A fun, augmented reality application for close interaction. Hold the Solar System in your hands. Use natural gestures to scale, rotate, collapse, and witness the birth of the universe. Download.


An augmented reality application that puts power at your fingertips…literally! Hold your hands in front of the camera and watch lightning arc between all ten fingers. Download.


A control manipulation application around the theme of a high-tech record deck. Use close interaction gestures to grab and manipulate buttons, sliders, dials, and swing arm. Download.


A one or two player, high-energy musical experience. Match the shapes, grab the gems, repel the disco octopus, and get the highest score. Buy.


A one or two player arcade soccer game. Pass, tackle, fake, and shoot in an accessible and colorful full body game.


A full entertainment solution for your movies, photos, TV and music. Browse and control your content from the comfort of your sofa with easy gestures.


The opportunities created by depth camera technologies are limited only by imagination. Our adventurous UX team is currently doing great things in the fields of robotics, home automation, projection, 3D scanning/printing, interactive toys, and more. Their passion to experiment drives them to find new ways to create a smarter, more perceptive world.

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